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H.P. Lovecraft and Vincent Van Gogh: “How Losing their Religion Sharpened Their Cosmic Creativity”

Religions and rules, rants and rackets. REM’s Losing My Religion often stirs up that line of thoughts and feelings.

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H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger: “Was There Madness to Their Methods?”

“You know, it takes profound art and profound insight into Nature to turn out stuff like Pickman’s. Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around wildly and

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H.P. Lovecraft: Celebrating the weirds in his words

Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability

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H.P. Lovecraft: discovering the man behind the mythos
I first encountered Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s weird works in the early 1970s. In high school, I began reading stories like At the Mountains of Madness, The Lurking Fear and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. And over my ensuing college years, I read the same stories, again and again, trying to... Leer más